Tall, fabulously thin with a wasp waist and perfectly proportioned features.  Thick brown curly hair in need of regular visits to Sassoon for a taming cut.  Rich enough with his own money from an aunt or uncle and even richer from his families successes in various genteel industries.  A poor Southern farm boy when it helped, Ford had been thrown out of several prep schools and been forced to actually graduate from a Boston area last chance school.  He came to Vassar because Mummy had and Da hated the idea.  Da had not actually attended college.  He had been too busy crashing race cars and playing at other fabulously expensive hobbies.  Da was the bane of his father who had insisted his son not waste his life in play and get an education.  When Da’s father died suddenly, Da reformed with a vengeance.  Too old to go to college (at least as Da say it),  he threw himself into enterprise.  Da took his father’s small delivery service and transformed it in only a couple of years into a nationwide fleet of trucks to which he added air and ocean transit services.  Da leveraged these to secure a leaseholds on various airports and other key urban sites giving him real estate leverage across the country.  By the time Ford came to Vassar, Da had untold riches and power.

Mary Ann Kravitz (a.k.a. Makra)

A good old fashioned Connecticut girl.  A blonde when she was a little girl, she was now a blonde with a little help from a bottle.  Makra and Drew had know each other for years.  She’d actually gone to prep with Drew.  At prep, Makra has seemed to Drew to be exotic and artistic.  But Drew had mistaken Makra’s daring wardrobe (no Talbot’s in sight) for a kind of exotica.  In fact Makra was just committing a basic form of rebellion aided by her hometown proximity to Manhattan.  Makra had actually shopped in the Village at prep.  At Vassar, Makra kept the same look which was not nearly as exotic amidst the various student style choices.  Makra was extremely committed to her art (some kind of college thing) and her vodka (Stoli, of course).


Cute in that tall plain preppy sort of way.  Drew’s roommate freshman year,  Drew was initially intrigued and then bored by Jason.  Jason came from solid Connecticut stock or at least had been adopted by solid Connecticut stock.  He’s a committed preppy, insisting on plaids, plaids and more plaids.  Drew swears he even coordinates his boxers with his sheets so as not to sleep in blackwatch on Campbell or vice versa.  Jason was perpetually polite and kind to a fault.

Nancy Jane Pruit (a.k.a. Prissy)

An upstate New York girl.  Way up state.  Prissy insisted she loved upstate and missed it terribly.  Otherwise Prissy was a normal if excessively prudish girl.


A Connecticut boy with an impeccable lineage (Mayflower on one side and Charlemagne on the other), an unstoppable libido, a penchant for big old American cars and a talent for chameleon like transformation.


A sexy Chicago boy whose hair changes colors at whim.


A South American heiress, Sally wants for nothing but the perfect body and eternal social success.  She has no material wants.  Her father, Raul, comes from a long line of Brazilian cacao growers. For her sweet sixteenth, Raul gave her one of the largest cacao plantations in Ilheus, the cacao capital of Brazil.  Ursula, Sally’s mother, a Swiss banking heiress, funnels funds to so many secret accounts she has stacks of red leather ledgers to keep track of them all.